HVLP is a popular type of machine that provides the benefit of low overspray and a high quality of finish through fine atomisation. While our Apollo units, especially the Apollo ProSpray 1500 are good for light commercial use and the DIY user, our ASI machines take things to another level with a high quality gun and robust turbine for industrial level usage.

HVLP can be seen as a replacement to the paint brush or small roller, as is suited to smaller areas of fine work from skirting boards and stair cases to doors and vehicle bodywork repairs. For larger areas requiring quick coverage of more viscous material (emulsion without thinning) we recommend you look at our airless range. These do make more of a mess however!

HVLP Sprayers are:

  1. Efficient: Less overspray and waste
  2. Portable: No Compressor required
  3. Easy to use: Ready out of the box

For help choosing a HVLP Sprayer read our product guide HERE