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The TriTech T93R Contractor Pro Airless Paint Spray Tip  System from TriTech Industries is the longest lasting, highest quality spray tip available to today’s professional painter. Furthermore It’s loaded with patented and exclusive features that give you consistent, dependable performance day-in and day-out in the most demanding work environments. This airless tip comes with a patented seal alignment system for quick and accurate installation. They also come with a tip size tag for quick and accurate size identification. 

Airless spray tip size Numbers Explained…

Airless paint spray tips are sized using a 3 digit number such as 515. The first number has to do with the width of the spraying fan and the last 2 digits refer to the size of the hole or orifice the paint sprays through.

For instance a 508 and a 515 both have the same fan width (approx. 10″) but a different size hole. The 508 has a .008″ hole and the 515 has a .015″ hole. The 508 is used for thinner paints than the 515.

Example: Tip Size 517 = 10″ Fan Width and 0.017″ Orifice

For use with all makes of airless piston pumps fitted with a TriTech T93R tip guard

Guide available in "PDF Downloads" tab.

TriTech T93R Contractor Pro Airless Paint Spray Tip Features include:

  • Patented seal alignment system for quick and accurate installation
  • Mega hard tungsten carbide for long duty life
  • Hand-tight guard with large knurls for a sure grip
  • Tip size tag for quick and accurate size identification
  • Tip ring feature allows you to store tips on a belt clip or a hook
  • 100% manufactured in the USA, including the sourcing of all raw materials.
  • Results in an extremely high consistency of manufacturing with a return rate of 0.1% – the lowest in the industry.
  • Manufactured from a military grade tungsten carbide with a Rockwell hardness of 93; for comparison, a diamond has a Rockwell hardness of 100.
  • Will easily outlast any other tip when used in a like-for-like situation.
  • Can be used in most leading brands of airless spray gun.

Tip size table

Gun, Filter and Tip guide (Gun-filter-tip-guide.pdf, 32 Kb) [Download]

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