Q-Tech 3 Complete 3 Stage Turbine HVLP Spray System


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QTech3 | 3-stage 

Use to spray


Wood preservatives
Most water or solvent based primers, undercoats and top coats


Usage frequency




Premium HVLP turbine manufactured for QTech in North America
Stainless steel needle/nozzle 0.8 mm - 2.5 mm with a 1.5mm needle/nozzle as standard fitment
Fan size fully adjustable from one control on side of gun - select from circle to wide pattern or anywhere in-between
Non-bleed spray gun - air only passes through the gun when the trigger is pulled
Quick change filters


Complete with


QTech Q70 HVLP suction gun
1.5mm needle/nozzle
7.5m hose assembly
Viscosity cup
Cleaning brush




MWP 0.45 bar | 6.5 psi
Motor 1500 watt
Weight 13.89 kg
Cup 1 ltr
Power supply 110 / 240 volt




For two years from date of purchase QTech HVLP Turbines are waranted under normal use and service against all manufacturing defects. The replacement of any and all wearing parts is not covered by this warranty. Where servicing has not been carried out at the recommended intervals this could invalidate the warranty.




Please note if you are looking to coat large areas such as walls with emulsion quickly (usually commercially), HVLP is not the ideal solution. An Airless Sprayer is what you need. "HVLP replaces the mini roller, while Airless replaces the big one!" HVLP is all about quality and less mess, over quantity.

Operating Manual (QTech3.pdf, 1,530 Kb) [Download]

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