EZVIZ PS600 600Wh Portable Power Station

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With a generous, 607Wh power capacity, EZVIZ’s PS600 Portable Power Station provides you with plenty of power in virtually any situation – traveling, enjoying the outdoors, experiencing electrical outages, or working on special projects that require portable energy. It’s designed to charge your essentials via five different ports, including the USB-C fast charging option. The lightweight, travel-friendly PS600 can be carried and stored easily with its space-saving design, and is more than durable enough for everyday use.

Introducing the EZVIZ PS600 Portable Power Station - the robust power solution for all your adventures. With a whopping 607Wh capacity, this power station is your reliable source of energy for any situation, whether you're on a camping trip, experiencing a blackout, or working on a special project.


  • Multi-Device Charging: With 9 ports in total, including USB-C fast charging, this power station can charge all your essential devices and small appliances (up to 816W output).
  • Versatile Recharging: Choose from 4 different recharging methods, including solar charging (compatible solar panel sold separately).
  • Durable Lithium Battery: The long-lasting battery can handle up to 1,000 full charge cycles and maintains 80% capacity even after extensive use.
  • Smart Display: Monitor charging and recharging details, temperatures, and any operational warnings at a glance.
  • Built-in LED Light: Use the 3 adjustable modes for extra convenience and lighting in emergency situations.
  • Low Noise Technology: Efficiently charges devices while minimizing excessive noise levels.

Don't let a lack of power hold you back from your next adventure - get the EZVIZ PS600 Portable Power Station today!

Datasheet (PS600_Datasheet_EU.pdf, 3,667 Kb) [Download]

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