What you intend to spray, how often and your budget will be the deciding factors when choosing a HVLP sprayer. One of the key differences between the machines is the power they are able to produce (measured in PSI/Pounds per square inch), with units offering from 2 PSI to 10. The higher the PSI the easier it is for that machine to atomize thicker materials without too much thinning/watering down, thus enabling a better finish. The Higher PSI units (5 PSI and above) are primarily aimed at professional users, which as well as offering more power are built to withstand higher usage demands.

The Apollo Spraymate is built for the DIY or very low volume user and comes with a fixed 1.8mm general purpose spray setup and gives about 3 PSI. Although a lower powered machine it is still capable of a great finish but may take a little longer. This would certainly not put up with heavy use but has been well reviewed for the hobbyist.

The Semi-Professional units are ideal for the advanced hobbyist and less frequent professional users. These include the Apollo Spraymaster which will offer an improved finish over the Spraymate. The Spraymaster again comes with a fixed 1.8mm general purpose spray setup and produces about 4 PSI from its more robust turbine. This extra power gives an enhanced finish, faster application and the tough all steel powder coated turbine casing makes for a more durable unit.

We then have the best selling entry level professional unit, the Apollo Pro-spray 1500 with a more powerful 1500 watt 3 stage turbine producing about 5 PSI. This comes with the non-bleed ANB300 Proline™ aluminium gun. You can buy extra spray set up sizes for this gun from us to perfect the finish for different types of coatings from watery dyes to texture coatings. We also ship a pre-modified version of this machine specifically for spray tanning with the 0.8mm needle and 250ml cup. The Pro-spray is perfect for the serious hobbyist where space is limited and for professional use: on-site spraying, classic cars, shop fitting, decorating, custom kitchen fitters and bath re-enamellers – anywhere needing clean, hassle free spray with a great finish!


The Apollo International sprayers (green machines) are from the USA and are full on professional sprayers with a heavy duty turbine providing much more power and efficiency and are able to be used all day long. The units on offer here are capable of up to 10 PSI making easy work of thicker materials and include a number of innovative features for the commerical user. There is a wider choice of gun configuration options (including gravity fed & dual gun) as well as the option of using a 10L pressure pot to keep refilling to a minimum. We have added to our site the most popular units with the award winning 7500QT multi purpose spray gun. For more configuration options as well as other machines available on request feel free to download and take a look at the Apollo Int Brochure and contact us for more details.

Don't just take our word on why the Apollo Pro Spray 1500 is such a good buy: