Apollo Spraymate HVLP Sprayer Kit

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The Apollo SprayMate (3 PSI) is Ideal for workshop, garage or home use and suitable for spraying a variety of finishes such as cellulose, emulsion, gloss, enamel, lacquers, fence preservative, insecticides, varnishes and so on.

The SprayMate has previoulsy won awards in such magazines as Practical Classics for DIY bodywork repairs on a budget.

It is a complete plug and play system which is easy to use, clean in operation and easy to clean once the job is finished.

System Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Reduced overspray
  • High efficiency turbine
  • Easy cleaning
  • Constantly rated – will spray all day without waiting for air pressure to build up.
  • 1100 watt two stage turbine
  • 3 metres flexible hose
  • Spraygun fitted with 1.8mm needle and jet set up
  • Complete with instructions for easy use

Operating Manual (Apollo_New_Operating_Manual.pdf, 3,987 Kb) [Download]

My son was restoring two Vespa scooters and used my SPRAYMATE to paint them. He found it very easy to use and achieved an excellent finish with deep gloss.
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