Apollo Pro-spray 1500 HVLP Sprayer Kit (Top Seller)

Our Top Seller, a great entry level professional unit with extra power and a more professional adjustable gun.

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At an amazing price point, the Apollo ProSpray 1500 is designed for light to medium professional use or the more serious DIY sprayer. It replaces the Apollo 700 and Apollo 800 with a more powerful 1500 watt 3 stage turbine providing 5 PSI of power. This gives it the ability to handle most types of coatings (as long as thicker ones are thinned down to single cream consistency). If you are looking to spray more viscouns products without thinning take a look at our ASI HVLP Sprayers

Please note if you are looking to coat large areas such as walls with emulsion quickly (usually commercially), HVLP is not the ideal solution. An Airless Sprayer is what you need. "HVLP replaces the mini roller, while Airless replaces the big one!" HVLP is all about quality and less mess, over quantity.

The all new ANB300 Proline™ aluminium gun is the ultimate in feel and performance and comes as standard with this model including a 1.3mm spray setup (great for most lacquers etc) with other spray setup option available.

Key ANB300 features:

“Non Bleed Gun” means air shuts off when the trigger is released - reduces dust lift

  • Stainless Steel Needle & Jet Assembly - essential with water borne coatings.
  • Smooth, controllable trigger action
  • Ergonomic, stay cool handle
  • Adjustable fan pattern from horizontal to vertical & additional spot controller for super fine detail work
  • Additional 0.8mm, 2.0mm and 2.5mm spray setup options.

Don't just take our word for how great this model is at it's price:

Gun option:
ANB 300 gun (Standard)
240v (13A UK Mains plug)

Operating Manual (Apollo_New_Operating_Manual.pdf, 3,987 Kb) [Download]

Easy to use,a bit noisy, nice atomization. overall very pleased, good value for money.
Happy. good product!
A great piece of equipment which is a treat to use and the finish obtained is a treat to behold, it is just fantastic. I found the service excellent and the price competitive. It was a pleasure to deal with them.
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