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Airlessco LP700 Airless Paint Sprayer

List price: £1,456.64
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Price in points: 115000 points
  • Voltage: 110v
  • Permanent magnet Motor for this airless sprayer: 1 hp 
  • Pressure adjustabel from 0 to Max 205 bar 
  • Max tip size: 0.027" 
  • Delivery: 2.8 L/min 
  • For Paint viscosity: medium to high viscosity
  • Length of high pressure hose in the package:15M
  • Maximum length of the hose: 15 meters
  • Working pressure for hose: 205bar


Reliable, pulsation-free electronic pressure control system

A totally enclosed DC motor with external fan cooling

Oversized slow-stroking hardened stainless steel piston pump

An externally adjustable triple-life packing system

Stainless steel piston and pump body.

SPRAYS: stains, varnish, primers, enamels, interior wall paints, anti-corrosive lacquers


  Adjust upper & lower packings without taking the pump apart, an Airlessco exclusive!

  Digital display for precise control of pulsation-free spray pressure up to 205 bar.

  Low cost bolt-on replacement pump is available for easy field repairs.

  All include ProLightTM convertible gun with 50' 1⁄4" high pressure airless hose + 517" tip.

  Totally enclosed motors have external fan to cool housing.

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